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How Will my Dentist Treat Temporomandibular Disease

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Giri Palani
How Will my Dentist Treat Temporomandibular DiseaseThe temporomandibular joint, TMJ, is a dental disorder that results in the constant grinding of one's teeth. The disorder is associated with discomfort and the inability to open your mouth. Research done on TMJ has established that genetics fuels the passing of the disorder from one generation to the other. However, in some cases, its origin is unknown. At our dentistry, we can treat TML in the following ways.

Use of Dental Oral Appliances

Jaw misalignment massively contributes to the TMJ disorder; hence our dentist will recommend a customized oral appliance. The appliance fits in your mouth, correcting jaws' position while easing them into their natural position. Consequently, this will reduce the tension and pain in the jaws. We will also advise wearing the appliance at night, just like a mouth guard, to correct the alignment and eliminate teeth clenching.

The oral dental appliances enhance one's sleep as TMJ proves to be quite disruptive at night. Therefore, you will have a restful night and prevent further complications which might require surgeries.

Use of Mouth Guard

A mouth guard is a common appliance that our dentist recommends to TMJ patients. Similar to a sports mouth guard, our recommended mouth guard aims to eliminate the chances of the upper and bottom rubbing each other when grinding your teeth.

Additionally, a mouth guard prevents clenching at night; hence you will wake up in the morning with less pain in your jaws. A mouth guard also plays a crucial role in protecting your enamel from damage resulting from friction produced during the grinding of teeth.

TMJ Treatment

At our dentistry, we explore all possible solutions to give you the comfort you had before the onset of TMJ. Therefore, to eliminate the nuisance of TMJ and its irritative symptoms, our dentists will ultimately treat you and prevent further complications such as possibly contracting bruxism. Contact our offices and book an appointment with our experienced dentists for quality services.

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