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What is an ideal smile?

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Giri Palani
What is an ideal smile?The question of an ideal smile has resulted in mixed reactions among many as the phrase 'the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder' stands. What one might consider an ideal smile may be different from the other. However, the common answer to the question has always been straight white teeth.

Although the above answer is quite important, research has been done, and various components have been established that pair together to make an ideal smile. What do orthodontists and scientists claim to be components of an ideal smile?

Correct Bite

How your teeth touch each other during food intake, especially when grinding and chewing, is crucial in shaping your gums and jaws' designs. When one has a proper bite, the mouth's functionality is improved as well as its aestheticism. As one interacts with peers, their top and bottom jaws are visible during communication; hence an ideal smile should comprise balanced top and bottom jaws.

Straight, Well-Spaced Teeth

Evenly spaced straight teeth characterize an ideal smile. Straight teeth give rise to a brilliant smile, enhancing one's aestheticism. If you have crowded teeth, consider visiting our medical centers for guidance on widening the jaws or extraction to allow ample room for the remaining teeth to move to their designated positions. An ample smile consists of perfectly positioned teeth not too far back or out of the mouth.

Sparkling White Teeth

To have an ideal smile means having sparkling white teeth. Stained teeth spoil an attractive set of teeth which, to most people, knock down their confidence level. In most cases, people have white upper front teeth while their canines remain decolorized. The upper and lower set of front and side teeth should be the same color. If you decide to have a teeth whitening procedure, visit our dentists for safe and effective services.

What are you waiting for? Visit our medical center and have yourself your perfect dream smile. Book an appointment today for an improved smile.

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