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What is the Difference Between DDS and DMD?

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Giri Palani
What is the Difference Between DDS and DMD?Credentials are crucial when looking for a suitable dentist for your dental needs. As you assess the credentials for various dental practitioners, you are likely to discover that most are listed under DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or Doctor of Dental Medicine) or DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery). Although different dentists will be listed under DDS or DMD, they are both the same level of qualification; the only difference is how various institutions refer to it.

The Difference Between a DDS and a DMD?

Today, many institutions award a DMD degree, but dentists with either a DDS or DMD are both educated to practice general dentistry. Regardless of the training one has undergone, all dentists must undergo rigorous training, with four years in undergraduate and another four years in dental school.

There are various skills impacted in them throughout the four years, making them effective in addressing a range of dental-related complications. Dentists must pass several national-level examinations before being certified and licensed by the relevant dental boards. With all the extensive training dentists undergo, you are guaranteed that a DDS and DMD degree qualifies dentists to treat patients.

Education After a DDS or DMD

With all the dentists who graduate with a DMD or DDS degree, 80% of them remain general dentists, while the rest receive extensive training, specializing in a particular specialty of dentistry. There are several specialties dentists can choose, which usually take two to six years, depending on the specialty.

There are many specialties which include orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and oral surgery. Depending on the patient's dental needs, a general dentist can recommend seeing any specialist for more treatment. Dentists usually recommend patients to a specialist when the treatment required goes beyond their skill set. It is advisable to ensure you consider dentists' qualifications when choosing the best dentist for you.

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