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Soda Versus Our Teeth (Spoiler Alert, Teeth Lose!)

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Giri Palani
Soda Versus Our Teeth (Spoiler Alert – Teeth Lose!)It is only normal that people are tempted to relax with a cold cola after a busy day in many places. The habit is still the same in downtown restaurants and cafes. Although having a cola or soft drink occasionally won't cause a significant problem, it can contribute to serious problems when you ingest them too often. High-sugar beverages are linked to weight gain, diabetes, and obesity, besides teeth erosion and cavities. 

What Soda Does to the Teeth

Consuming soda allows sugar to immediately start combining with mouth bacteria. The interaction creates an acid that begins to eat away at the teeth' enamel. The invasion of dental health can last for about half an hour, meaning that if you are sipping soda all day, then your teeth are persistently being eaten away by the acid. The first part of the tooth to be stripped is the enamel of the teeth, and sometimes even the dentin, the layer beneath. You may start experiencing tooth sensitivity as you continue consuming soda. 

 Avoid Damage by Soda

The obvious answer to the problems that soda causes to the mouth is to stop drinking it frequently. But for many people, this is just easier said than done. A majority of people will have a soft drink when they get to movies, parties, or when they go out to eat. Instead, you may want to take steps to minimize the damage. First, avoid drinking soda every day. If you drink it, use a straw to reduce contact with the teeth. You may not have imagined it, but soda is served with a straw in many restaurants, shops, and stores. That is one of the reasons – to prevent damage to the enamel. Also, avoid sodas and sugary drinks before going to bed because they allow the acid to attack the teeth all night long. Make sure you visit our dentist regularly for checkups to catch any problems that may have started taking their toll on your beautiful smile. 

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