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What is the Amalgam Filling?

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Giri Palani
What is the Amalgam Filling?Most people are affected by teeth cavities because of the breakdown of tooth enamel. The unfortunate thing about tooth/teeth decay is that tooth decay is permanent. However, people should not get too worried about this because our qualified dentists are always there to fill these cavities with dental amalgam, which prevents further tooth decay.
The amalgam filling is made from zinc, copper, tin, and mercury. It is wise to know why mercury is used in making dental amalgam, and the reason is that mercury binds the elements into a durable, and hard filling. Bonds well with the mixture of the elements used, making the amalgam, making the amalgam durable.

What are the procedure of applying Dental Amalgam?

Our dentists begin by making drills on the tooth and remove the decayed part. The next step is shaping the tooth and then filling it with an amalgam filling. The last step is making an amalgam putty. By ensuring that our patient is safe, mercury is mixed with the elements. The filling is made soft before placing it in the cavity. Amalgam putty hardens very fast and becomes a solid filing.

What are the Advantages of Dental Amalgam?

Dental amalgam has benefits to our patients, it makes the patients' teeth strong, and they can last for long and are unlikely to break. For patients that have a high risk of tooth decay. When a patient's tooth is larger than normal and requires a large preparation, and other filling materials are difficult to place and establish a bond with the tooth, dental amalgam can be used, and therefore the cavity is filled.

When we talk of the amount spent on dental amalgam, it is much cheaper than another form of dental fillings, it is also the most used form of filling in the world. If you need more information the Amalgam Filling seek medical help, or call us immediately

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