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All You Need to Know About All-On-Four

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Giri Palani
All You Need to Know About All-On-FourThe all-on-four treatment is a relatively new technique that allows patients to obtain a full denture supported by only four implants. This makes the recovery of the functionality and aesthetics of the smile of a patient to be more straightforward. Not only that, but they provide enough force and stimulation to the jawbone to keep it healthy and avoid its deterioration.

How Is The All-On-Four Procedure?

The all-on-four treatment consists of placing just 4 dental implants to hold a full arch of teeth. This is possible thanks to carefully positioning: as we incline the outer implants towards the others, they can distribute their force and work as if a mouth had several, individual implants placed on the same gap. Normally, the method uses 4 dental implants, but we can add a fifth extra implant for long endentulous areas.

When determining if a patient is a candidate for the all-on-four treatment, we take the height, the width, and the existing jawbone density into account. As long as the implant surgery is successful, the all-on-four procedure allows patients to leave the clinic with a fixed smile on a single visit.

When Is The All-on-Four Procedure Used?

This procedure is not suitable for all patients. We can only use the all-on-four treatment on those who have sufficient jawbone density to support it. For patients who have suffered from significant jawbone resorption, it is possible to undergo bone regeneration treatments before having an all-on-four.

The all-on-four treatment is one of the best restorative solutions for patients who miss several teeth. They can give patients the smile they deserve with less discomfort, visits to our office, and implants fixed into their jawbone. If you want to know if you are suitable for this procedure, please contact us today to book a consultation with our team.

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