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Tips for Speeding Up Healing After Getting a Tooth Pulled

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Giri Palani
Tips for Speeding Up Healing After Getting a Tooth PulledAfter your tooth has been extracted, we want you to take a good care of the open socket. Typically, you will leave our office with a folded piece of gauze over the site of the tooth extraction. It is important to bite gently on the gauze to create some pressure which will control the bleeding. In addition, there are other tips we recommend to encourage healing after getting a tooth pulled.

A Speedy Recovery Involves These Tips

Your post extraction care is important and will take a few days. Your mouth needs time to recover. In addition, we want to reduce the risk of infection and minimize any uncomfortable sensations you may have. Healing is a priority.

One tip we tell patients is to make sure they sit up on an incline. This helps to minimize bleeding. Make sure to take it easy after your tooth has been extracted, and plan on resting, but do so on an incline.

Secondly, keep the area of the extraction clean. You may rinse your mouth after 24 hours, but do not spit forcefully. Do not brush or floss the extraction site.
We also advise patients to be careful what they eat. Soft foods are ideal after an extraction. Soup, yogurt, pudding, or applesauce are good options. Solid foods, although appetizing, should be delayed in favor of giving your extraction site time to heal.

Remember to Keep in Touch With Our Office

After you get a tooth pulled it is important to be proactive about your care. Please call our office if you experience any issues at the site where your tooth was pulled. We're happy to talk through other recovery tips over the phone, and if you experience excessive bleeding or other problems, we will be happy to see you in our office. We want to help you recover quickly after getting a tooth pulled.

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