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Keep Your Mouth Healthy While Remaining Active

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Giri Palani
Keep Your Mouth Healthy While Remaining ActiveYour oral and overall health are dependent on each other and compromising on one will affect the other. To maintain a healthy mouth, you should practice good oral hygiene, eat healthy meals, and schedule regular visits for dental exams and cleanings. Remaining active through physical exercise will also promote a healthy mouth.

Regular Exercise Keeps Your Teeth Healthy

Consuming a diet rich in fiber calls for extra chewing, which exercises your teeth and jaws. Fiber-rich foods stimulate the salivary flow, which is necessary for a healthy mouth. Also, these foods remove food debris and plaque from your teeth surfaces, preventing their accumulation which causes tooth decay. Exercising your overall body improves your digestive health by improving blood circulation, hence healthy bowel movements. With an improved digestive system and blood circulation, your body will easily absorb nutrients and replenish its tissues, including oral tissues; thus, preventing gum disease. Nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, essential for healthy teeth, will also circulate in your system with ease, strengthening your teeth' enamel, bones, and jaws. Exercise is also a stress-relieving technique. If you grind your teeth, exercising more will free your mind from stress and eventually rid the motivation to grind your teeth.

Failure to Exercise Will Result in Health Issues

Lack of exercise increases your risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Individuals with a lower BMI have lower chances of getting tooth cavities than those with a higher BMI. To reduce your BMI, you should exercise regularly and cut off unnecessary weight for a healthier mouth. In addition to exercise, you should note that the foods you eat will impact your health, which is why you should substitute unhealthy sugars for fiber-rich and whole meals. You should also schedule regular appointments with us to ensure good oral health. For more details on exercise and dental health, contact our office today.

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