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Call Us If You Notice a Loose Tooth After a Fall

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Giri Palani
Call Us If You Notice a Loose Tooth After a FallOur adult teeth are meant to last the rest of our lives. But given the amount of abuse and work our teeth have to withstand on a daily basis, that can be a lot to expect from them. Getting involved in an accident can have serious implications on our teeth. In extreme cases, it can lead to a total loss of your tooth. Accidents can also lead to loose teeth. If you have a wiggly tooth after getting involved in a fall, this can lead to dental problems if not addressed on time. You could not only lose the wiggly tooth but also a few others along with it. You should always call us immediately you notice you have loose teeth.

Noticing a Loose Tooth

A loose tooth in an adult could be a result of different causes. For example, if you suffer an injury or fall, your tooth may be dislodged from the root, necessitating dental surgery. In most cases, these surgeries splint it back into the right shape and position. These are effective surgeries that should heal after a short period, allowing you to resume your normal operations. It is important to note that having a loose tooth without no precipitating injury can be a sign of a dental problem.

There are many causes of loose teeth apart from falls and injury. Advanced gum disease is one of the common causes. Some of the symptoms of advanced gum disease include a bad taste in your mouth, persistent bad breath, and painful gums. It is important to inform us when you experience any of these symptoms. The continued use of a loose tooth only makes it worse. Letting us know immediately you notice a loose tooth is vital for successful treatment. Our dentists will assess it and provide the necessary treatment. Visit our offices for checks and treatment for your loose tooth.

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