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Do All Dental Cracks Need to be Repaired?

Posted on 11/16/2020 by Giri Palani
Do All Dental Cracks Need to be Repaired?Cracked teeth are common occurrences that can be caused by biting hard food, grinding teeth with significant pressure, impacts, pressure due to large fillings, and rapid changes in the temperature of your teeth. Fortunately, cracked teeth can be repaired, but not all types of cracked teeth need to be repaired; read on to learn about the different types, and what can be done to get your teeth back into working order.

Craze Lines Vs. Cracked Tooth

The types of cracked tooth include: craze lines, split root, fractured cusp, and a vertical root fracture. A craze line is actually a special case of a cracked tooth, where the hairline crack is in the enamel and doesn't typically have harmful or worsening symptoms; it is very unlikely for a craze line to evolve into a significant crack. A cracked tooth, with the exception of a craze line, is often accompanied by sensitivity, pain, and swelling; not all cracked teeth exhibit these symptoms, so if you see or suspect a crack, please call us to schedule a diagnosis.

Repairing a Cracked Tooth

Craze lines can typically be removed by our professional whitening procedure, but the other types of cracked tooth will need to be bonded, crowned, and possibly root canalled. Bonding is the simplest form of reparation, where a resin is used to fill and bond the tooth together to regain the functionality of your tooth. Crowning is a more involved procedure, where a ceramic or porcelain structure is fitted to your tooth to provide structure and functionality. A root canal may need to be performed if damage has been done to your pulp, and involves the removal of pulp to avoid infection and reduce pain. We can provide you with the services that you need to keep your teeth healthy and white, so please schedule an appointment with us.

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