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5 Common Signs of Oral Thrush
Posted on 7/7/2020 by Giri Palani
5 Common Signs of Oral ThrushOral thrush is a fungal infection that can be detected by white or bright yellow lesions on the tongue, the insides of the cheek, on the roof of the mouth or even the back of the throat. This is the main sign to look out for and it doesn't indicate that the infection has progressed to more severe levels that involve these 5 symptoms.

Soreness and Pain

It is not uncommon for people who have developed an oral thrush infection to have trouble eating. This is due to the white spots that appear being painful for the user if touched. If you can sense that someone else isn't eating due to pain, this can be a sign of oral thrush- especially if these symptoms are shown on an infant or toddler- where this infection is relatively common.

Loss of Taste

These lesions that appear on the tongue inhibit the user's ability to taste food. This along with the potential pain while eating can end up making the person suffering from oral thrush to not want to eat at all. A temporary way to keep the person fed until treatment is a liquid diet with nutritional shakes that provide adequate calories and nutrition for the user.

Bleeding Lesions Are Touched

It is common for late stages of oral thrush to include slight bleeding if the white lesions are touched.

Foul Taste In The Mouth

Because this is a fungal infection, an unpleasant taste that lingers in the mouth can appear. It can be very difficult to mask since the source is left in the mouth until it goes away on its own or is treated- and at this stage, you should talk to us.

Lingering Bad Breath

This goes hand in hand with the foul taste. An infection that happens within the mouth typically comes with an odor/taste that is unpleasant.

If you or someone else are experiencing these symptoms, it is critical to get them help ASAP. We will prescribe antifungal medication for those suffering from oral thrush. Give our office a call and describe your details.

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