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Are the Early Stages of Gum Disease Painful?

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Giri Palani
Are the Early Stages of Gum Disease Painful?Gum and/ or Periodontal Disease is an increasing health risk among adults and does not go away by itself but does require professional treatment.

Periodontal disease is generally painless in its early stages and develops slowly and an individual may not even be aware that they have an infection at all.

The gum disease is caused by plaque – which is a sticky film of bacteria that will constantly and consistently form on the teeth. Bacteria create toxins that eventually will damage the gums and the bone surrounding the tooth of the individual.

Early Indicators

There are several ways to indicate that there is the presence of some level of gum disease present such as bleeding when brushing your teeth if your gums are red and swollen or it looks as though your gums have pulled away from your teeth. Additionally, you may experience bad breath that does not go away, pus between your teeth and gums, loose teeth, a noticeable difference in how your teeth fit together or perhaps a change in how your partial dentures fit. The gum disease at this stage is quite treatable and reversible at this point if treated. However, left untreated, will eventually lead to loss of teeth.

Left untreated the gum disease progress through various stages and becomes progressively painful. It is vital that you do all you can to prevent gum disease by brushing regularly, flossing on a regular basis, trying to eat a balanced diet, it is also helpful to avoid tobacco, and most importantly to visit the dentist regularly.

We encourage you to call us to schedule your regular checkups every 6 months so that we can help you stay one step ahead of any problems that may be happening with your teeth and gums in a preventative nature. We look forward to hearing from you.

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