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Cheese Can Help You Fight Off Cavities

Posted on 12/10/2019 by Giri Palani
Cheese Can Help You Fight Off CavitiesCavities are some of the most prevalent dental conditions in the world. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research indicate that about 92 percent of adults have acquired cavities at some point in their lives.

Without the appropriate medical coverage, it can be expensive to take care of cavities given how much you may have and what needs to go into clearing it up. However, ignoring the problem will often cost a lot more given that cavities grow into root canals which cost about $1,000 to fix which is a huge amount.

Cavities occur when someone likes sugary foods too much and also don't mind about their oral health. When these substances stay on your teeth off for long, they tend to create a substance called plaque which in turn produces acid that eats away at the crown of the tooth bringing about the small holes.

Although these holes can be filled, prevention is always a better way to avoid the bills and complications that come with the condition. As such, one has got to take the appropriate measures needed to keep their teeth healthy. This means eating the right foods and practicing good dental hygiene.


One of the most effective foods at keeping the cavities away is cheese. According to results published in General Dentistry, a dental journal, it showed that cheese significantly altered plaque pH. The same occurred in other dairy products, but cheese was found to have the most significant change. Due to the high pH levels, calcium is more readily absorbed, and there is also better saliva formation which goes a long way in keeping cavities away and reinforcing the enamel.

When you have a pH lower than 5.5, you are more likely to have tooth erosion, which makes it easier for cavities to form. However, a pH higher than 5.5 significantly lowers the chance that you can develop the cavities since the bacteria is also not likely to survive in such conditions.

When it comes to cavities, prevention is the best solution. Eating dairy products such as cheese goes a long way to creating an environment in the mouth that can aid in cavity development. As such, your mouth stays healthy and you also save a trip to our office.

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