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10 Bad Foods for Your Teeth

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Giri Palani
10 Bad Foods for Your TeethMany people are curious about what the absolute worst foods are for their teeth. Our office is happy to present a list of the absolute worst foods you won't see dentists eating regularly.

This should be helpful for your teeth as well as overall health. Your oral health is linked to many bodily issues and ailments.

Most Common Offenders

The most obvious and number one offender for your teeth is sugar. You may feel pretty victorious saying no to free cookies at work, it's alarming how easily refined sugar and sweeteners can sneak into your daily diet. The dressing you pour over that healthy salad, an iced tea or diet soda at lunch, it all adds up, even when you're focusing on making what you believe as good decisions. The next thief in the night is acidic foods. You may like lemon in your water, an orange or even that healthy smoothie at the juice shop down the street.

They lower the acidic pH level in your mouth down to cavity-forming levels. Next is wheat and grains. Over time, if you lose enough minerals, it affects your teeth's enamel by contributing to an acidic oral environment. Next, you can slash those protein bars and granola bars off the list, lots of these foods are actually packed full of natural sugars, grains, and sticky dried fruits, which, as we've already seen, aren't great for your teeth.

Uncommon Oral Foods To Leave Off Your Grocery List

Energy drinks are off the list. They're packed full of refined sugar, sweeteners, and acidic ingredients. Alcohol is a no-no. As fun, as it is alcohol consumption inhibits this saliva production. Opening you up for cavities galore. Ice is simply dangerous as it commonly cracks teeth when chewed on. Potato chips should be a no brainer. They're also high in starch, which turns to sugar, which converts in acid on your teeth. Popcorn causes countless numbers of people come into our office with cracked teeth from eating half-popped popcorn kernels.

Dried fruit seems harmless, but not only are the sugars concentrated, but they are very sticky and sit in the grooves of your molars causing cavities. Peanut butter and jelly have made it to the list due to the two ingredients being laced with added sugar, add in the sticky texture and you've got a perfect recipe for cavities.

We hope this list of ten can give you an idea of what to avoid as you plan your diet each day. For further information or to schedule a check-up to see if your mouth has been suffering, call us today. 

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