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3 Secrets to Having a Beautiful Smile

Posted on 10/10/2019 by Giri Palani
3 Secrets to Having a Beautiful SmileIf you are looking for different tips and tricks to improve your smile, our office is here to help. You may have a wedding coming up or perhaps a job where you'll be face-to-face with the clients. No matter what the reason is, we have the tips and tools to help you show off a smile that makes everybody jealous.

See Our Office Every 3 Months

If you're looking to improve your smile immediately, schedule a time with our office. The standard twice a year visit is only half of what you'll need to handle blemishes. If you don't believe us, come in after a 90 days for a cleaning and we can show you what's been building up on your teeth. You may have to pay out of pocket for extra cleanings, considering what can be spent on a manicure and pedicure. Is your smile worth the extra money?

In Office Teeth Whitening

Give us a call to schedule a teeth whitening. At home kits are restricted to 6% of hydrogen peroxide to prevent injuries. With the supervision at our office, we can apply 25-30% of hydrogen peroxide as well as sodium bicarbonate. We seal off and protect your gums from bleaching and then for 30-45 minutes we reapply coats of the mixture until we hit the shade of white desired. Our office can accomplish in one visit what may take you two months of at home D.I.Y. kits.

Enamel Bonding

If your smile has any type of small enamel stains, crooked teeth, or chips, it can be corrected to improve your smile. Enamel bonding is a simple process of applying the tooth colored material used for a dental filling. The material is clay-like, which allows our dentist to sculpt it around to cover those blemishes in your smile. Once set an ultraviolet light hardens it in place.

If you are committed to improving your smile. Over the course of a few weeks allow us to completely clean your teeth, whiten them, followed by a dental bonding procedure. With continued brushing with the right toothpaste, flossing daily, followed by fluoride mouthwash. You'll love your new smile. Call us today to get on your way to an exceptional smile.

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