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Signs of Problems with Erupting Teeth

Posted on 2/20/2019 by Giri Palani
Signs of Problems with Erupting TeethThere are three specific times when a person erupts teeth through their gums. Their baby teeth come through while they are toddlers, permanent teeth will push the baby teeth out of the way to make room for their permanent replacements and wisdom teeth. All three of these times are common and very rarely do they cause serious problems.

Signs of Dental Problems

There are signs that usually make people wonder if something bad is happening when their teeth are coming through. In general, babies that are teething often have discomfort from the process. This is normal and there is rarely a cause of concern. If the teeth come up and they are dark brown or black, this can mean that they are rotted, and our dentists will have to take a look at them.

Permanent or adult teeth usually do not cause too much trouble when coming through. However, in those that have smaller mouths, when these large teeth make their way through the gums, they can push other teeth out of the way. This leads to having a need for braces.

Another time is when wisdom teeth are coming in. Some discomfort is normal with these teeth, but when a person is experiencing more discomfort than normal, they should be assessed. Sometimes the wisdom teeth can grow wrong and this needs to be addressed by our professionals.

Having discomfort in the mouth or jaw area, swelling, extreme pain, or bleeding are all signs that erupting teeth may be causing problems in the mouth.

If there is an issue during any of these times, our dentists are more than happy to have a look and come up with the best treatment plan to fix the issue. Give us a call today to find out how we can provide you with the help needed so that you can smile with confidence.

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