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Why You Should Have Your Dentists Emergency Contact Information

Posted on 11/10/2018 by Giri Palani
Why You Should Have Your Dentists Emergency Contact InformationMany people keep a list of emergency phone numbers on the side of their refrigerator.

These often contain the contact information for doctors, police, hospitals, and poison control centers, but they tend to exclude dentists. When a dental emergency arises, you'll need to know how to contact your dentist right away.

When You Should Call an Emergency Dentist

Not all dental issues can wait until 9:00AM or until Monday. For certain dental problems, waiting too long to have your issue checked by a dentist can cause some serious issues. There are many reasons you might need to make an emergency dental appointment right away:

•  Knocked out or broken tooth. An emergency dental appointment can save a tooth that has been knocked out. Severely broken teeth also tend to be very painful, and an emergency appointment can relieve this discomfort.
•  Unknown tooth pain. If your tooth is hurting and that pain is unbearable, you don't have to be miserable for days until you can get in to see us. An emergency dental appointment can discover the source of the problem.
•  Swollen jaw. If your jaw swells up for no apparent reason, you should be concerned. An infection or swollen lymph node could be the problem. Your dentist can also determine if an especially serious issue like cancer could be the culprit.
•  Abscess or exposed nerves. You might not realize that an abscess or exposed nerve is the source of the problem, but the extreme pain could tell you something is wrong. If you find it difficult to eat, drink, or even talk because of the unbearable pain, make an emergency dental appointment.

You don't have to suffer with dental pain and discomfort for days before you can see a dentist. Take advantage of our emergency dental care services, and make sure to always have our number nearby in case you need us.

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