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Can You Relieve Your Own Dental Anxiety?

Posted on 10/20/2018 by Giri Palani
Can You Relieve Your Own Dental Anxiety?Millions of people put off visiting the dentist regularly because of dental anxiety. It is entirely reasonable to be nervous and uncomfortable about a dental procedure, and most people are frightened about feeling pain.

While feeling dental anxiety is understandable in many cases, especially when older patients had traumatic experiences during childhood, this can create more problems in the future.

It is never a good idea to skip your visits to our office because that will lead to severe problems in the future and more complex care, but there are some things you can do to relieve your own dental anxiety.

How to Relieve Dental Anxiety

If you suffer from dental anxiety and are avoiding our office because of that, there are things you can do to feel more comfortable about coming to see us.

1. Be informed – this is one of the simplest, yet necessary things anyone with dental anxiety can do to feel more at ease while getting treated. We do everything in our power to make you comfortable, and we assure you, you won't feel any pain during a dental procedure.

2. Research – if you have an oral health problem that requires treatment, do some research online. There are many sources of information that you can access through your computer that will give you additional information about a particular treatment or surgery.

3. Don't miss your cleaning appointments – if you have not been to see us for a while; we are happy to welcome you back. Not having your teeth cleaned by our hygienists can lead to more problems in the future, such as gum disease, cavities, or tooth loss.

Our mission is to treat our patients with respect and kindness by making them comfortable and giving them all the information they need to make informed decisions. We will help you relieve your dental anxiety, and we are not here to judge you, even if you have not seen us for years, we will treat you the same way we do our regular patients. Please let us know if you have dental anxiety.

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