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How Pregnancy Changes Your Oral Health

Posted on 7/20/2018 by Giri Palani
Pregnancy Palani Center for Dental Implants CA 90275-1434Pregnancy is a challenging and demanding time for your body, because it increases the acid in your mouth and the rising hormone levels can affect your oral health. Moreover, the changes in your mouth can also affect the development of your baby.

Maintaining good oral hygiene habits at home and getting a thorough examination at our office if you are planning on becoming or are pregnant is critical for your, as well as your baby's, well-being.

Dental Health Problems During Pregnancy

Because of the hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy, women are at a greater risk for the following conditions:

•  Gingivitis - the higher levels of the hormone called progesterone can lead to gingivitis during pregnancy, which, if left untreated, can lead to periodontal disease or periodontitis.
•  Periodontal disease - is one of the most common oral health problems in pregnant women and can also affect the development of the fetus, according to some scientific studies.
•  Loose teeth - the high levels of progesterone can also affect the tissues and bones which keep your teeth in place and may cause teeth to loosen.
•  Pregnancy tumors - these are not cancerous, but they are a result of swollen gums and can happen usually between the teeth.
•  Tooth decay - decay happens the higher levels of acid in your mouth start to attack and damage the tooth's enamel. This can be exacerbated by morning sickness and throwing up often, which puts your teeth in direct contact with the acid from your stomach.

It is extremely important that you keep your oral hygiene habits at home by brushing and flossing your teeth daily. It is also a good idea to schedule a thorough dental examination in her office and let us know if you are pregnant. Keeping your regular checkups can help prevent any more serious oral conditions from developing.

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