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Cheese Helps Protect Your Teeth From all Sorts of Damage

Posted on 4/20/2018 by Giri Palani
Cheese Palani Center for Dental Implants CA 90275-1434Although you probably realize that dairy products play an important role in the health of your bones, you probably don't realize how it also helps your teeth. Nevertheless, General Dentistry Magazine says that cheese helps protect your teeth against cavities.

How Cheese Protects Your Teeth From all Sorts of Damage

A recent study was conducted to learn how cheese affected people's teeth. In it, 68 participants between the ages of 12 - 15-years-old chewed or swished with cheese, milk, sugar-free yogurt, or paraffin for three minutes before rinsing their mouth out with water.

Researchers then measured the dental plaque pH level at four sites in their mouth at 10, 20 and 30-minute intervals after consumption. They discovered that the pH levels of those who ate cheese increased rapidly, which demonstrates cheese's anticavity properties.

The pH level was actually above 5.5. This is good because anything lower than this places you at risk of tooth erosion. However, since cheese raises your pH level to above 5.5 you're less likely to develop cavities.

Researchers believe that saliva production also plays an important role here. When people eat cheese they produce more saliva because of the chewing action that's involved.

There are also some components in cheese that adhere to tooth enamel and in doing so, they help protect your teeth from acid. One of these components is casein, which is known to help protect your tooth enamel.

This happens because when casein combines with calcium and phosphorus a protective film is formed over your teeth's enamel surface. When this happens, it reduces your risk of developing tooth decay.

All of these different actions are great preventive measures against cavities. This is why we always suggest serving cheese when you have a fruit salad or tray available. Of course, eating cheese at other times is also helpful.

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