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Dangers of Sharing Your Toothbrush with Anyone Else

Posted on 10/10/2017 by Giri Palani
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Besides for the fact that sharing a toothbrush just seems sort of gross, there are some very real health-based reasons not to share your toothbrush with anyone else, even your spouse. So next time the one that you love wants to share a toothbrush with you, let them know about the following reasons not to share a toothbrush.

Spreading Disease

Toothbrushes harbor bacteria and infection when used regularly. If your loved one suffers from any sort of infectious disease, including gum disease, that could spread to your mouth if you share a toothbrush with them.

This happens for a few different reasons, the first is because brushing your teeth leads to bleeding in some instances, and you are actually sharing blood between one another when you are brushing your teeth, and it's also because toothbrushes harbor all those bacteria and viruses in between brushing. That's not something that you want to willingly put into your mouth.

Spreading Sickness
Another reason that you don't want to share a toothbrush with someone else is because you can easily spread a more minor illness from person to person. If you have something like a cold, you could spread that to the other person using your toothbrush.

Even if you aren't worried about spreading a more serious condition to someone else by sharing a toothbrush, you should be worried about these more minor illnesses that people suffer from all the time. When you share a toothbrush, you are almost guaranteed to get the illness if they have it.

A surprisingly large number of people share toothbrushes with their spouse or have admitted to sharing a toothbrush at one time. That's a bad habit to get into and it can lead to some serious health concerns. Do both of you a favor and invest in multiple toothbrushes so that sharing is never necessary.

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