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Who Should Actually Be Drinking Sports Drinks?

Posted on 6/10/2017 by Giri Palani
An orange sports drink.
Are you one of those people who just loves drinking sports drinks? If so, then you will be glad to know that they are really good for some people. As long as you are one of those people, then your body will be getting a lot of benefits from your beverage choice.

However, if you are not one of those people, you are likely doing more harm than good to your body. So, who should be drinking sports drinks, and who should not?

The People Who Need Sports Drinks

The people who really need to make sure they drink sports drinks are the active athletes who work out 6-7 days per week for hours at a time. That is when your body really uses up the types of electrolytes that you are getting out of a sports drink.

Plus, you also need to make sure you are drinking the entire sports drink in one fell swoop or in large chunks, spaced well apart. As soon as you down the portion of sports drink that you need for that time, chase it with a big glass of water. That is the only way to keep the damage of sports drinks from harming your teeth between drinks.

Sports drinks are incredibly acidic. They can erode your teeth very quickly, and should only be consumed by people who are constantly using up those electrolytes with their workouts each day. And even then, they should only be consumed during the workout. Consuming them outside of that puts your mouth at risk of acid erosion and even tooth decay.

If you regularly consume sports drinks, make sure you contact our office about it at your next appointment. They may want to look closer at your teeth or even offer them sealants as increased protection.

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