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Does Lip Balm Hurt Your Oral Health?

Posted on 2/25/2017 by Giri Palani
A woman applying lip balm.
Lip balm can damage your lips if you use the wrong kind. Some lip balms are meant to moisturize your lips, while others are meant to help strip the top, super chapped layer of skin right off of your lips so you can moisturize the healthy skin beneath that layer.

However, if you are using the type that are meant to strip layers off of your lips, when you do not need that, you could end up damaging your lips, which could in turn, hurt your mouth.

Which Types of Lip Balm Are You Supposed to Avoid?

If you want a lip balm that is going to help you take that top layer off, you want a lip balm that contains phenols. It will strip off those pieces of skin that have gotten chapped, cracked, and lifted up off of the surface of your lips.

Once those pieces come off, you want to switch over to a moisturizing lip balm that is just to help restore the health of your lips. If you continue to use a lip balm with phenols in it, then you are going to strip off important layers of the top of your lips, and you could wind up with painfully cracked and sore lips.

If your lips hurt to close, then you will keep your lips open, and that can damage your oral health. Plus, if the surface of your lips is sore, it can affect the tissues on the inside of your lips, too. It is best to use a heavy-duty moisturizing lip balm all year round.

Then, when your lips get chapped and sore, you are using the right product to keep your lips, and the rest of your oral health, in optimal shape. For more information, contact our office today!

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