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Why You Should Start Flossing with Water

Posted on 1/13/2017 by Giri Palani
A close up of a water flossing tool.
There are a million excuses as to why you may not be flossing. If one of the excuses that you are using is that flossing is too difficult, you may want to consider water flossing. It is a much easier process, and it is nearly fool proof.

For people who cannot stand to floss with traditional floss, or who do not have the five minutes per day it takes to floss effectively, water flossing is often the best answer.

Benefits of Water Flossing

Water flossers are simple machines. They have a bin that holds the water and a tube that runs to the top of the flosser that sprays water out of it. That jet of water goes between your teeth, gets down to the gum line, and does the same job as traditional flossing. However, it is much easier to use and get into all of the areas of your mouth than traditional floss is.

You can also customize how you use your water flosser. In the bin that the water comes from, you can replace the water if you would prefer. Some dentists recommend that you use mouthwash to floss with when you are water flossing, as this gets the anti-bacterial agents right in between your teeth where they can do a lot of good. This should be something you speak with your dentist about doing before you do it, however.

If you think water flossing would get you to floss more often, then it is a good investment to make. Putting a little money towards a water floss now, can save you a lot of money on dental repairs for not flossing right, down the line. Take the time to learn how to best take care of your mouth from your dentist. Your mouth is worth the time!

Please contact our office if you have any questions about flossing with water!

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