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Healthy Foods That Add Minerals to Your Teeth

Posted on 12/13/2016 by Giri Palani
A collection of healthy vegetables full of vitamin D.
If you can help restore minerals to your teeth through the foods you eat, you can keep the enamel of your teeth strong. This helps prevent tooth decay. The more minerals and vitamins you are able to provide your teeth through your foods, the healthier your mouth is able to stay.

Here are some foods you should be eating to make sure that your teeth have all of the vitamins and minerals they need to get, and stay healthy.

Foods You Need to Eat on a Regular Basis

You want a lot of vitamin D in your diet. The more vitamin D you have, the more you are able to absorb calcium. You can get vitamin D by eating eggs, and by eating cod liver oil. Plus, you can also get vitamin D from being outside in the sun.

Vitamin K is another vitamin you want to eat regularly. This can come from items like kale, eggs, butter, and cheese. This helps to remineralize your teeth, and they help your teeth fill in gaps in your natural enamel.

If you are going to pick two groups of foods to make sure fill in 90% or more of your diet, stick to dairy foods and leafy, green veggies. Then, you will get all of the vitamins you need, plus you will have a very healthy diet to boot.

If you have weak teeth or have very sensitive teeth, this can help your teeth feel better and help your body regrow enamel on your teeth. Don't let the enamel on your teeth get worn down without a fight.

Taking the right foods in can help your saliva be more effective when it washes over your teeth. Contact our office to find out what else your dentist recommends the next time you go in for an exam.

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