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Is My Mouth Healthy?

Posted on 7/15/2016 by Giri Palani
A man having his mouth examined.The best way to know if your mouth is healthy is to visit your dentist. The American Dental Association, along with our office, recommends coming in for a dental cleaning and exam twice a year.

This helps us stay current with the status of your mouth, note changes, and spot problems while they are still small, saving you time and money. Besides your regular dental cleanings and exams, there are signs that you can spot from home indicating the health of your teeth. We ask that patients be aware of the following signs.

•  Sensitivity in my Teeth - Are your teeth reacting to hot and cold temperatures? Sensitivity may be due to decay in a tooth, a loose dental filling or a spot where the enamel has thinned, exposing the dentin layer beneath. Sensitivity can also be due to an exposed root surface because of gum recession or even possibly toothbrush abrasion.
•  Bleeding Gums - Bleeding gums is such a common dental condition that many patients think it's normal. It's not. If your gums bleed when you brush or floss them, this is a sign indicating gum disease. Even if it is in the very early stages, your gums bleed because there is an irritant that is causing them to be inflamed. You will want to care for your gums with daily brushing and flossing.
•  Bumps, Cysts, Pimples in my Mouth - Are you seeing or feelings anything unusual in your mouth? Bumps that appear to be pimples in your mouth can be an indication of infection. Often problems that require a root canal manifest as small pimples on your gums and should be evaluated.
•  Spacing and Alignment - Changes to your bite and how your teeth fit together is important to your dental health. Your dentist needs to be aware of these changes. Changes to your bite can both be an indication of a larger issue and can cause added stress to your jaw joint muscles leading to jaw pain and even migraines.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your oral health.

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