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Why a Root Canal is Better than an Extraction

Posted on 1/30/2016 by Giri Palani
A woman about to receive a root canal from her dentist.Root canals get a bad - and unfair - reputation for being quite painful. While this statement is inaccurate, it leaves some people believing that it will be better to just have the tooth removed.

In actuality, keeping your teeth for as long as possible is your best bet, and there are several reasons why you should choose to pursue the root canal over having your tooth extracted.

Missing Teeth Affect the Rest of Your Mouth

Having a tooth extracted can set off a chain of events, and unfortunately, the end results aren't great for the health of your mouth. Your jaw bone is stimulated by your teeth, so once they are missing, your body decides it no longer needs this bone and will begin to reabsorb it. Also, the rest of your teeth may begin to shift and move into the gap, causing unsightly crooked teeth that don't align properly.

Natural Teeth Improve Your Appearance

When you have your natural teeth, it is much easier to laugh and smile without feeling self-conscious. When you have gaps and missing teeth, your confidence might take a nose dive, especially if they are in the front of your mouth. While restorations like bridges, crowns, and dentures are available to replace missing teeth, many people believe these options make them look older. The best option is to choose a root canal over extraction in order to avoid these problems.

It's Less Expensive
If you are concerned about the cost of a root canal and feel that you should go with the less expensive extraction, you should consider the costs over the long run. If your tooth is removed, you'll need to invest in a bridge or implant to improve the function and appearance of your mouth, and if your teeth begin to shift, you may need orthodontic work.

Once your root canal is complete, your tooth should be healthy and require no further work, as long as you care for it properly. Please contact us if you have any questions about tooth extractions and root canals.

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