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Why Is It So Hard To Keep a Molar Filling in Place?

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Giri Palani
Of all of the teeth in your mouth, molars work the hardest. They take on all of the crushing and deep chewing you have to do to digest your food properly. Because molars work so hard, it can be challenging to keep a filling in.

What Is a Molar?

Your molars are the very back teeth in your mouth. Most people have two sets of molars in their top and bottom jaws when they reach adulthood. Some adults have an additional third set of molars that many people call wisdom teeth. Molars are shaped differently than your other teeth. They are flat on the top and have deep grooves along the biting surface, which makes it easier to crush and grind your food. They are also the largest and thickest teeth in your mouth because they take on more work and more stress than any other tooth.

The Problems With Molars

Because molars are so necessary, they present specific issues for your mouth. First, it can be difficult to brush and floss molars properly because they are located in the back of your mouth, which makes them challenging to reach. Also, because molars have grooves along their surface, they are prone to cavities. Molars do nearly all of the hard chewing in your mouth, and over time, molar fillings can crack, chip, or dislodge from the irregular biting surface. Also, if you clench or grind your teeth, all of that stress sits directly on your molars, which means you are more likely to lose a filling. Filling a molar that has a cavity can also be just as challenging. The larger a cavity is, the more difficult it is to fill.

If you are worried about your molars, you can help keep them healthy and strong by practicing good brushing and flossing habits. Also, eating a healthy diet full of calcium and vitamin D can help you have strong molars. If you do develop a cavity in one of your molars, it can be fixed quickly. Be sure you are up to date on your dental checkups!

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